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“And so people become enemies of God
when they are controlled by their human nature;
for they do not obey God’s law,
and in fact they cannot obey it.”

Romans 8:7
(Good News Translation)

When people hear the word Repent they often wince, cringe, and roll their eyes. To many folks this word is offensive in that it implies an unnecessary need to grovel about how bad they are and make some emotional demonstration publicly about their faults and failures. In the minds of most, it is natural to think that overall by nature they are a 'Good Person' and there is no need to repent about anything. Actually, that is not true. The word in the Bible translated as 'repent' is even more expansive in that it literally means to change ones mind.

But change your mind about WHAT?

It means to change your mind about going the way that seems natural to you – the way which you have always gone – which is going away from God and continuing to REPEAT doing the same things you’ve always done over and over again.

You see, the reverse of repentance is going in the direction by nature that you think you want to be. It may seem like you are going the right way, but it is to a place that leads to SELF, but away from GOD. By nature these two are mutually exclusive and opposite.

Repent, my friend – that is, decide to change your mind, reverse your DIRECTION, and agree with God. Just because you may have been going in the wrong direction and dismissed God’s guidance does not mean you cannot still do an about face. It is never too late to turn from being an Enemy of God to a being a Friend of God because he is lovingly and patiently waiting for you to AGREE with Him and change your mind.

Will you REPENT today, or REPEAT Today? As always, the choice is always up to you.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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