Article No. 0255

Freedom From Bondage
Is Just
Taking One Step Forward

“Blessed are those
who have learned to acclaim you,
who walk in the light of your presence, Lord.”

Psalm 89:15

Millions of people’s lives are in bondage, spiraling out of control and dying from overdoses of opioids along with the huge influx of heroin and other addictive behaviors. While some may go into rehab centers searching to be free of their habits but fail to recover, it only takes One Step Forward to find healing, freedom, and release in the arms of Jesus, who died to set us ALL free.

Only Christ can permanently heal, deliver and transform a life that has been broken and bound in sin to a life of freedom and peace. Only God’s way will bring deliverance; man’s way will keep them in bondage; but those that have been bought with the precious blood of Jesus have been set free. Christ proclaimed:

“ If the Son makes you free,
you shall be free indeed.”

John 8:36

If ever we have needed to pray for the deliverance and salvation of people in bondage to drugs, pornography, or mental illness, the time to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, it is NOW! If so, please pray this prayer out loud:

Dear LORD:

There is such a devastating moral break down in our country and in the world. Lord, we need you now more than ever to deliver people from all kinds of addictions and sicknesses which are killing thousands daily. We pray for each and every person for your saving grace and to heal them and set them free! In Jesus name together we pray, Amen!

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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