Article No. 0208

Don’t Scroll
Past This 'Stupid'
“Religious” Message

“Whoever denies me before people
I, too, will deny before my Father in heaven.”

Matthew 10:33

scroll-past-god 'Religion' these days is embarrassing, especially if you ascribe to anything Christian. That’s why a message like this routinely gets swiped past because it’s just another message about somebody’s 'imaginary friend' encouraging you to agree with something you don’t want or think you need. Either that, or you ARE a believer in God, but you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of others that you agree with messages about God or Christ. If so, please re-read today’s verse to see what God (that is…if you even believe in one or not) says about those that act this way.

You see, it is NOT belief in God that saves you, or UNBELIEF in God that condemns you, it is the the DENIAL of God where you condemn yourself.

In this connected, socially driven world people crave as many views and likes as possible thinking that the more they get ,the more they also will be LIKED and accepted. While it is great to have friends - be they real or virtual - the best “FRIEND” that you should seek a LIKE from is GOD.

If you scroll past HIM, He will scroll past YOU.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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