Article No. 0162

Results Always Come
According To This

“According to your Faith
Be it Unto You.”

Matthew 9:29

reach-in-faith God’s Word comes down to two things and two things only…and both are tightly coupled together and strongly related; Faith & Obedience.

As Jesus said in today’s scripture, when we operate and step out and ask in faith based on our confidence, obedience and agreement with God’s Word, we will always see a fruitful outcome. In the quote above, Jesus had just healed two blind men that cried out to Him with the expectation and confidence that He would indeed heal them, and that in essence is the power behind this story. When we also apply this spiritual principle to our lives, miracles do and will happen.

What this story shows us is that true faith is NOT a 'Feeling', 'Strong Desire' or a result of 'Wishful Thinking', but reaching out in confidence that that which we think and confess in faith will be an Accomplished Fact - even though we cannot see it. However, when we ask ACCORDING TO HIS Will and in ALIGNMENT WITH HIS WORD, and reach out for it, it will indeed “Be unto you according to your faith.”

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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