Article No. 0122

The Fulfilling
Taste of Jesus

“Taste and see that
The Lord is good.”

Psalm 38:8

TasteGodsGoodness What dessert satisfies your sweet tooth? Is it candy, chocolate, or ice cream?  Whatever it is, one thing is for sure—you’ll always find yourself wanting to come back to that satisfying sensation! However that time of pleasure is momentary and fleeting.

However there is an even far better taste that is not momentary but  satisfies  continually and that is when as today’s scripture promises when you taste the goodness of what Jesus offers. More than any sweet desert, He wants you to seek Him and to know the sweetness of His goodness— and what is that sweetness? They are that Jesus wants you to know:

These are the delightful pleasures Jesus gives when we taste His goodness. Unlike that tasty dessert which is but for a moment, His gift is not temporary, but will last beyond the challenges of this world and bring lasting satisfaction.

Lamentation 3:25 reminds us, “The Lord is good to the one who seeks Him.” therefore seek Christ and taste His goodness continuously.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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