Article No. 0063

Let’s Practice
Our A B C’S

“Thou hast commanded us to
keep thy precepts (words, letters)

Psalm 119:4

The Bible tells us to be ready at all times to quote an encouraging word and to remind others how God wants us to live. When someone asks us about the hope that is in us, we need to be able to quote our SCRIPTURAL A.B.C's .....

All have sinned and come
short of the glory of God.”
Behold the lamb of God who
takes away the sin of the world.”
Come unto Me, all you who labor
and are heavy laden and I will
give you rest.”
Romans 8:38
John 1:29
(Salvation and
Matthew 11:28
(Rest and Peace.
Jesus our burden bearer)
Memorize these three scriptures, and always have the gospel on your lips and in your mind.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, there are people all around you who do not know the Lord. You know them as your neighbors, your co-workers, your family members, new acquaintances, and strangers you meet on the street. Time is short and the Lord's soon return is eminent. Don’t find yourself in a 'hard spot' not knowing what verse would touch another’s heart that could change their life and save them. Make it a point to learn your spiritual A.B.C's and you will always be ready to share God's word no matter the circumstance.

Have the good news on your lips that Jesus not only paid for our sins, but that He is alive and living inside of those of us who have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior. Be ready in season and out of season to share the hope you have and the assurance of heaven. When you bring another soul to Jesus, you will gladden the Lord’s heart, and give all the hosts and angels in heaven a reason to celebrate!

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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