Article No. 0059

A Dirty Table
At Starbucks

“Imitate God, therefore,
in everything you do,
because you are his dear children.

Ephesians 5:1
(New Living Translation)

I was at Starbucks early today to enjoy a late sunny summer morning with a large Pike Place coffee and a lemon pound cake. Outside on the patio all the tables were full except one by the sidewalk.

Sadly it was filthy with wadded up napkins, discarded coffee lids and a line of some sticky liquid mixed with crumbs. Using the napkins I had reserved for my pound cake, it took just a few seconds to wipe everything clean and toss it all into the trash.

This got me thinking about what I learned in the Boy Scouts were we were taught to “always leave a campsite cleaner than you found it.” It would not have taken that much effort for the previous patrons at that table to have done the same. So why didn’t they take a minute to do that?

That raised the question “What were those people at that table taught to act this way?” which led to an even bigger question of ”What are people taught to live their lives by?”

In today’s anything-goes world, it seems that most people make up their own rules about life, living, and how to act, speak and behave. Rather than being guided by any defined ‘teaching’, they just “do their own thing” with no thought as to how it affects others. Most importantly, they never consider how their actions might affect themselves.

Psalm 19:8 in the New Living Translation puts it this way; ”The commandments of the LORD are… clear, giving insight for living.

What the Bible teaches always lead us in the right direction. It consistently teaches us to live a life that is honorable, respectful, and considerate. When we imitate God in everything we do, we take on HIS character.

So imitate Christ in your life. Learn from HIM and take on HIS character and act as HE would act. In small things, Christ would have cleaned off that table and by HIS TEACHING, we can do even greater things.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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