Article No. 0015

You Offended Me!

“Do not take to heart all the things that people say,
but you hear your servant cursing you.
Your heart knows that many times,
you yourself have cursed others.”

Ecclesiastes 7:21-22

What did Jesus say when He was dying on the cross?

Part II

#6: LOVE TRUTH MORE THAN BEING RIGHT. Always hunger for God to reveal to you the truth in the situation. Don’t be emotionally attached to your position no matter how offensive the other person may be. This way your point of view offers no grounds for offense. You simply want to know the truth so that you will have inner peace.

#7: OVERCOME SELF-CENTEREDNESS. The It’s-All-About-Me mentality is fertile soil for being frequently offended. Every word out of every mouth, every action or inaction, all that is done or undone, all motives and intentions become a reflection on you. That is a HUGE burden to carry. If everything is reduced to how it affects you, no wonder you are so frequently offended! Move away from the center of everyone else’s life. li! This way, less in life will offend you and happiness will be much less fleeting too.

#8: RESERVE JUDGMENT.Let both parties spill their grievances. So often we jump to conclusions, assume an ill intent, create meaning to a word that hurts and offends. Resist that urge and delay judgment until the conversation has run its course. You just may find there is no offense to be had by the time you get to the end.

#9: ACCEPT IMPERFECTION. If you expect others to act and speak a certain way, or assume others will be as kind or compassionate as you, if you’re offended when they don’t rise to the level of your expectation, you will almost always be offended. Instead, allow people to be human. We all have, idiosyncrasies and personality and character flaws. So do you! So let it slide off your back. Don’t hold on to the imperfections. Learn to forgive their past mistakes (so the current problem isn’t blown out of proportion). Create a sort of Forgiveness Default Setting in your heart that turns on when you’re confronted with offensive language or behavior. Remember, people are imperfect. You are imperfect. Life is imperfect. And that’s just plain A-Okay!

#10: ACCEPT YOURSELF. Accept yourself deep inside. Validate your inner being. See yourself as more than your behavior. You are also your potential. You are God’s child after all. None of us live up to expectations. But accept that too. Self-acceptance will de-claw others’ ability to offend you. It won’t hurt because your validation doesn’t come from their opinions about you. It comes from within … or from above. People who are internally fragile – no matter how “tough” their exterior – break most easily at the wrong or misplaced word or deed. So grow your inner self. Become self-accepting. And life will be a more consistently happy place to live.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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