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Isaiah 41:13   God is Bigger Than Your Giants
Are You In The Book Of Life?
From Delivered to DELIVERED
2 Corinthians 3:18   Are You Willing To Be Crushed?
Do You Know your "Death Date?"
Why is Passover so Important?
Matthew 11:23   Be Refreshed Taste The Living Water
We Are All "One Blood"
Not Life Insurance, but Life Assurance
2 Timothy 2:11-15   Christians Take Your Stand
There is No Better place to be than HERE
Why the John 3:16 Signs at NFL Games?
Jeremiah 9:11   Don't Worry God Has The Answers
Be Thankful EVERYDAY
PART 1: Fear Not! The End Time is NOW
Joshua 1:9   Give The Gift Of Encouragement
Put This on your ToDo List!
Four Possibilities of "God"
Philippians 4:19   God Is Enough
What "News" Can We Depend Upon?
Why most churches are BORING
Psalm 144:15   Happy Thoughts Happy Life
This Always Takes You in the Right Direction
Puppies Live in Heaven (Music Video)
Revelation 3:20   It Only Takes One Step Forward
Which Way Do I Go?
Is Christ both Your Saviour AND LORD ?
Luke 18:27   Jesus Is In The Miracle Business
True Power is Already IN YOU
You Have to Know the Master of Heaven to GO There
Luke 24:32   Live A Passionate Life
This Really is FREE
Finding True JOY in Life
John 3:16   Love Is Unconditional
Overcome Discouragement!
Don't Appear NAKED before God!
John 3:15   Radical Love
Money Doesn't and Cannot Save You
What is the Opposite of Love?
---   Seek Perfect Vision
Do Not Love The Things in this World
Psalm 121:1-2   Self Control Is Within Your Reach
Nothing is Hidden From God
2 Corinthians 6:17   Set Yourself Apart
Is Christ both your Saviour AND "Lord?"
Deuteronomy 10:21   We Witnessed A Miracle
Are you Taking the Wide or Narrow PATH?
Psalm 95:6-7   What Does It Mean To Worship God?
What "Channel" Are You Tuning To?
1 Peter 1:6-9   What Do You Do When Things Get Rough?
Where is Your Bible in Your Life?
Proverbs 5:3-6   What Is God's Will For Me?
When Being "Broken" is a GOoD Thing
Mark 10:11   What Do You Do When Things Go Bad?
It May Be Legal, But Harmful
Why Do All Lives Matter
Your Biggest Gamble??
---   The Supernatural Power Of Prayer
1 John 3:18   Why You Should Say I Love You More Often
James 1:5   Wisdom Compared To Knowledge
Hebrews 4:12   Words Carry Power

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