The Prayer of Forgiveness and Salvation

You are just one step from being a Child Of God by simply praying the following prayer

"Heavenly Father:

I am a sinner. I confess that I have done many bad things in my life, and I recognize that there is nothing I can do to justify my sin before you as a Holy God.

LORD, I ask you to cleanse me of my sins, to forgive me and restore me to you. I ask for the Blood of Jesus to cleanse me of my sins and to sanctify my life. LORD JESUS, come into my LIFE and HEART.

From this day on, I will follow and obey you and make you both my Saviour, and the LORD of MY LIFE.

Thank you for saving me. In JESUS' Name I pray this, AMEN"

Next Steps!

  • Get a Bible and start by reading the Gospel of John and the Book of Romans
  • Find a good Bible Believing and Preaching Church
  • Get to know Christians mature in the Christian faith and fellowship with them
  • Pray daily and keep your thoughts on the presence of God

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